Summer is Family Portrait Time – Don’t wait another year.

Summer is family time!¬†Enjoying the beach , a week of camping or just your own backyard. What better time to have a family portrait created than right now! If you’re looking for something truly unique then our Hybrid Paintings are just perfect for you. This style of personalized Wall Art is fast becoming the favourite choice of our clientele. Whether it’s of your whole family or maybe just of your precious children, these canvas masterpieces will become a family heirloom to be enjoyed and cherished. A blend of photography and hand-painting these family portraits are created with the final painting in mind. Location, clothing, style and colours are even more important for these paintings than a traditional portrait.

Hybrid painting of a family portrait
Family Portrait in our Hybrid Painting style

Your Portrait Artist is a National award-winning and Accredited, Master Photographer. So you can be assured we are going to get it right for you whether you choose a painted or photographic family portrait. From the rocky shores of Newfoundland, through the parks of Nova Scotia, to the sandy beaches of PEI and New Brunswick – if you have a favourite location we can be there for you!

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