Headshot Photos & Business Portraits

Headshot photos and more! Not every business needs the same type of headshot photos. In fact almost needs a couple of different types of business photos. That’s why it”s so important to work with a photographer who asks you a … Continued

Baby Bump Photography Halifax,East Hants,Truro

Unique vs classic baby bump photography. There are so many options for your baby bump photography and I have created most of them. SO although I have a preference, I do love them all. I include a Design Meeting with … Continued

Hockey Photographs that Rock!

It’s the time of year for hockey photographs. If you have children in hockey then you know about hockey photographs! Most of them look the same and they’re a great record of how your child looks and what team they … Continued

Baby Pictures Halifax,East Hants,Truro

Timeless baby pictures. I believe baby pictures should be special. Special in the sense that it should be printed and displayed on the wall. It should be special and timeless enough to stand the test of time. This means it … Continued

Family Photo Special – Halifax,East Hants,Truro

February 16, Family Photo Special and fundraiser. The new provincial holiday is a great time for our Family Photo Special. Many families will be together that day. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some donations for … Continued

Baby Bump Photos -Halifax,East Hants,Truro

Baby bump photos your child will LOVE!. Choose the style of baby bump photos from studio, in home or outdoor location. Since 1989 I have pretty much done them all! The modern maternity portrait didn’t really gain acceptance and popularity … Continued

Baby Photography in Halifax, East Hants, Truro

Classic baby photography is timeless. There are so many ways to do baby photography. I love classic baby portraiture. My preference, and my specialty, is black and white. However, some of my clients love colour baby photos because I can … Continued