Dog Portraits – Dog Days Photo Contest

New Dog Portraits Photo Contest! Win up to $300 in portraits.

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Your furry kid deserves a dog portrait! One that will stay on the wall where you can see it every day! And there’s no better time than right now during our Dog Days Photo Contest! The cost is only $23. And this includes your entry fee, your session and the HST! You get to see the images immediately.  Choose your background. Add the special effects – or not.
You get to choose which image to enter into the contest. The voting starts on February 16 and you can ask all your friends and family to vote! The most popular dog portrait will be the winner. If you have any questions just Contact Us.

WAIT – that’s not all! You get to place your order right away. The winner will receive the total amount of their order (up to $300) refunded back to them!


Our dog Portrait Artist, kirk, has been around dogs his whole life. As a young child growing up with breeders. Then as a youth working for breeders. Once an adult he was training dogs.  Eventually becoming a breeder. And of course – photographing dogs. And puppies. All breeds. All ages.  As a result of all this he developed his lighting for dogs over many years. His repertoire of noises is legendary. And he can be a total goofball – crawling on the floor, jumping in the air – whatever it takes.  Kirk has even been asked to speak to the Professional Photographers of Canada Atlantic about dog portraits.
Right about now you might be asking about prices. That’s even better news for you! When you see your images right after your session you can also order then. AND all order placed at the time of your session will receive a 30% discount off our regular prices on Wall Art, prints and Digital options.