Family Photos Truro Nova Scotia – Every 5 Years!

Family Photos Truro Nova Scotia

Family Portraits Truro Nova Scotia

Family Pictures Truro Nova Scotia

Family photos – the perfect time is RIGHT NOW! Do you want something traditionally casual, lifestyle or even candid? Either way – just do it! Family portraits are what you’ll look back on. And not when you’re 70 but when you’re 30. Or 40. Or 50. Having quality family photos created AND archivally printed every five years is what I recommend. Just like the Thurston Family above. They have printed portraits on their walls. WHY? – you might ask.  For many reasons of which I’ll name my top seven:
One – we are not promised tomorrow. Two – a lot changes in five years. Three – family photos equals family history. Four – Our memories are short and unreliable. Five – Technology changes rapidly while our eyesight deteriorates slowly. Six – The road to regret is paved with good intentions (to back up our devices). Seven – Our grandchildren cannot find a shoebox or album full of family photos if we don’t make prints.
You think I am exaggerating to make my point? Not really. Just in my lifetime of using computers these are the portable recording mediums.
Family pictures are history
How difficult (and expensive) do you think it might be to get the information off one of those 8″ or even 5″ disks? Is it even possible? I don’t know. I’m sure the Smithsonian might have a working computer capable of reading them. Well – not really sure. We’ve all heard the stories of stolen phones with baby photos. Or crashed computers. I don’t want this to be YOU! I really don’t. I want to be the one who makes those gorgeous canvases and prints for you. The one who does have multiple back-ups just in case. Of course nothing is 100%. But prints do outlast the whims of technology. And if it’s not me then someone. Someone who makes prints. With archival qualities. SURE – you can have digital ones too! To share with family. To brag about your family.
In case you might wonder . . . do you know what’s on my walls? Upstairs. Downstairs. In bedrooms. In my home office. In our bathroom. In our laundry room. Family Photos. Every size. Every style. Ones created by me. Ones created by some of the best Portrait Artists in North America.
If family photos are past due for you please contact me. It won’t cost you a cent to talk to me. You can talk about your family, how fun they are, how much they mean to you. You can see what all your options are, feel the different qualities, see the different styles. You can determine what you need for prints right now and then go from there. Most people are genuinely and pleasantly surprised. You can call the studio at 902-895-1884, after hours on my cell – 902-957-0903, by email or on Facebook –


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