Fun Family Pictures – Last Summer Chance

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fun family pictures

RIGHT NOW is a great time for your fun family pictures since Labour Day weekend is only a week away! Once the kids are back to school, college and university then Thanksgiving will be your next chance. AND we all know how busy THAT weekend will be! I saved next weekend especially for family photos. So whether you want a FUN photo, a studio photo or even an Edgy Sports family photo we can get it for ya! Bring your bikes, your motorcycles, ATVs, cool car ANYTHING GOES!!

AND everyone will still have their summer tan for your fun family pictures!!

Looking for some great ideas? Check out our Facebook page. Or have a look through Pinterest. Do a google search for fun family pictures. Or if you have an idea just call us at 902-895-1884 or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this post. We would love to hear from you and we can expand on your ideas or give you some of ours! What about at the beach? Or at your cottage? Maybe even your back yard? I know you might think it doesn’t look like much. But that’s because you’re looking at it with your eyes! That sounds a little weird doesn’t it? But it’s true – I look at things a little differently. You see I visualize through a lens. And the lens I use use changes – it’s just something I learned from a mentor and I’ve done it ever since.

When is the best time for fun family pictures? When is it too late?

Well, the best time is RIGHT NOW!! Seriously – we never know what tomorrow holds. AND it’s never too late! The greens of Summer last for most of September. Then there’s the oranges, reds and yellows of Autumn. Of course Winter is awesome for those who enjoy all it has to offer and talk about FUN Family Pictures – think SNOWBALL FIGHT!

So don’t delay – CONTACT US TODAY! We can start planning your family portrait now for whenever you want it created.


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