I am over-the-moon excited!

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Since introducing Edgy Sport Images last fall (and being overwhelmed by the immediate and positive response), I quickly realized I loved working with athletes of all ages and thoroughly enjoyed the artistic aspect of painting and manipulating. In April/May during my motorcycle trip down to Georgia I met with some respected colleagues and received some great input and advice. Then Pam joined me and we basked in the heat of an extra hot Georgia Spring and southern hospitality. We had some great discussions and the decision was made to refocus on my strengths and move my studio back to Truro as I simply couldn’t continue to operate in both Enfield and Truro.

I began the process of finding a suitable location and over a two week period I think I looked at every available suitable space in Truro and Bible Hill. Then . . . there it was! Right in front of me – 40 Inglis Place!! The real interesting thing about this location is it’s pretty much back to where I started. You see, my very first studio was on the second floor of this building (which was the old Ryan’s IGA).

Then it was time to head off to Mannheim, Pennsylvania to the largest indoor sports facility in North America and a three day sports photography workshop! I learned so much I thought my head would explode. Everything in my new plan kept falling into place which told me it was meant to be!  But it also forced me to realize I could not do it alone.

I posted some notices and ads for the part-time position of office assistant. After receiving almost 70 applications for the position and interviewing a number of wonderful people I am very pleased to announce the newest member of the Tobias Portraiture/Unique Images team is Karyn MacKinnon !!! Starting September 1st, Karyn will probably be the voice you hear when you call and the face you see when you visit our new location. I’ll be providing a profile on Karyn in a future blog post so you can get to know her a little.

As many of you know, Tobias Portraiture creates so much more than our new Sportraits. That’s why I’m headed to beautiful British Columbia for five days of intensive learning with ten other studio owners from Canada and the USA. I anticipate I’ll be returning with more ideas, knowledge and skills. The day I return from BC, Pam and I head to Newfoundland for vacation and I take Edgy Sport Images into St. Johns!! There are some young cheerleaders, basketball players and rowers who are anxiously awaiting my arrival!  I’ve also booked some outdoor family sessions (so I hope the weather cooperates!).

Karyn and I (along with my trusty and wonderful photo assistant, Jessica) look forward to providing you with everything you will want and need that is portrait related into the foreseeable future. And as always you can count on the best possible quality. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email or social media for information on our new services, pricing, products and more!

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