Please inquire with Kirk about acquiring one of these unique and distinctive pieces of photographic art for your home or office decor. (All images © T. Kirk Saint.) Each image was created using a special camera knowing they would be printed only in black and white for home and office décor. Our eyes don’t see like this which adds to the beauty and mystery of infrared photography.

These Black and White images often have a dreamlike or sometimes lurid appearance known as the “Wood Effect,”. An effect mainly caused by tree leaves and grass strongly reflecting in the same way visible light is reflected from snow. The other attributes of infrared photographs include very dark skies and penetration of atmospheric haze compared to visible light. The dark skies, in turn, result in less infrared light in shadows and dark reflections of those skies from water, and clouds will stand out strongly. These attributes and others is what helps to make these images great for office décor.