Every family has a story and location family portraits will capture yours.

This style combines important or favourite locations with activities or hobbies which make your family unique. Choosing this style will provide you with distinctive, decor portraits which you will proudly display on your walls for many years. We have a variety of portrait finishes including the world renowned Whitmire Canvas for family portraits. Request a printable, full-colour brochure.

Your location experience begins with a no-obligation Planning and Design Meeting to ensure your family portraits are perfect.That is how we discover the portrait you want for your wall. We will delve into your family and find those little nuggets which make it unique. Will your location portrait be in the summer on your favourite beach or in the winter on the slopes? Or maybe in the fall around the old homestead or in the spring around the first campfire of the year? Are their “toys” or “furry kids” to be included and do you prefer an interactive or a more camera-oriented look?