Pet Photographer Halifax, Truro, East Hants – Pet Contest Feb 1-15

Pet photographer Halifax, Truro, East Hants introduces Dog Days Photo Contest! Entry fee is only $23 including HST and the photo session!

pet photographer halifaxWOOF WOOF: Attn: All Canines and your “Masters” (or so they think!).
Cue the music. Bark along with me now – “I’m So Excited, and I just can’t hide it!” The Dog Days of Winter Photo Contest is coming up February 1-15. RIGHT NOW is the time to have your portrait created by my main man (and super, awesome, pet photographer Halifax), Kirk. It’s only $23 and you could win up to $300 worth of portraits of sweet l’il furry YOU!

Hi – I’m Fiona. Kinda the “studio dog” and the cutest Westie north of the Mason-Dixon Line. But don’t worry – I’m not eligible to win!

pet photographer truro

It’s SO EASY to book your time – it’s just a few paw pats away! Just get your human to go to our Home Page and click on the BLUE LINK. OR you could just put your paw Right Here! The online voting will start on Feb. 16 so be sure to tell all your Grrrrrreat Doggie Daycare pals. And anything goes – you can be funny, beautiful, cute or even downright silly!

For this Contest with pet photographer Halifax, Truro, East Hants we have weekday and weekend times available.

As the beautiful white dog that I am I would choose the white background. I think the reflection option is grrreat! My big cousin, Brysco, is a Black Lab and he likes the black background. And Kirk has created some nice Black & White portraits of the two of us. That’s a wooferingly beautiful option too! And I know for sure that Kirk keeps a little bag of treats to help keep your attention. For a human he sure makes a lot of weird and wonderful sounds. But he’s used to us canines looking at him wondering what the heck he’s doing!! We would love for you to follow us on Facebook. If you have questions please Click Here and Kirk will help you out.

If you want to book your time online do it RIGHT HERE!

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