Your Tobias Portrait Experience begins with a Planning and Design session.

At this informal chat we will talk about what makes your family unique and what ideas you might have. I’ll get to know about personalities and hobbies. You will tell me about your home decor and where your portraits are going to be displayed. This will allow us to determine the most appropriate Wall Art sizes and Album choices.  It will have a major influence on the way I create your portraits to achieve the best harmony with your interior design. We’ll review our styles and you’ll see samples of our Mixed Media Paintings and our photographic portraits to decide which you prefer. Together we’ll review the entire Investment Guide. This informative meeting ensures we are “on the same page” and is every bit as important as the Camera Study.

Camera Study (Creation Time!)

This is the fun part of your Portrait Experience! It’s when we put everything together with our goal in mind. I will have already decided on the lighting and composition which will work best. But I will make adjustments as influenced by Mother Nature and or body dynamics and facial structure. The amount of spacial distance and the lens perspective will be determined based on the dimensions we have decided on for your finished Wall Art and the actual location itself.

The Big Reveal! (Projection and Purchasing appointment)

And I do mean the BIG reveal! You will come into one of the offices and view your images on a large 92” or 106” screen. We have a customized projection system which allows you to see  all of the created originals enlarged and also to scale within a 1/4” of true size! We can also zoom in if necessary so you can view all the details you need. You will also be able to see Wall Art Groupings in a variety of sizes and configurations. Many clients will also select  frames (or have me choose them) at this time in order to expedite the process. This system ensures when you leave my office, you will be full of excitement and anticipation to have your family on your walls and not wondering if you ordered the best image and size.

Behind the Scenes (Artwork to Installation )

Once you’ve placed your order I start a 31 step process (sometimes more!) which isn’t complete until I call you with anticipated news that your Art is ready. This includes all of the enhancing, printing, test prints and final canvassing and framing.

The Installation

At this point I set up a time to come and install your Wall Art in your home. With some of my clients we’ll actually have a Reveal Ceremony complete with family, friends, a little vino and some cheese! Once your portraits are safely on display, I usually take a photograph of them on your walls and then our journey together (your Portrait Experience) is over – for this time!