Family Photographers Nova Scotia

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family photographers Nova Scotia

Being one of the top family photographers in Nova Scotia for over 20 years has been fun! It’s also been a constant educational experience. Both from the family photographers and the small business standpoint. One thing which has been constant is that nothing is constant! Well almost nothing. The importance of family hasn’t changed. But how that shows up in my business has.
Family photographers are now everywhere. It is estimated there is one photographer for every fifty people – or more. That’s approximately 18,900 photographers in Nova Scotia! I’ll just let that sink in . . . Of course the variance in skill level covers a wide range. Like one of my mentors, Robert Bray,  I am one of the family photographers for those who want our clients to have a high quality printed portrait. Printed portraits which are considered as art by my clients. Who want to proudly display their loved ones on their walls. To enjoy over a cup of coffee or glass of wine when they are not there to hug. I understand the need and desire to also share those images with online friends. I want that too! That’s why I include digital copies for ALL of our clients. And if all you want is a high quality digital photo – that is an option as well. And check out my new style “Sportraits”

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In this new abundance of family photographers I am a minority. I have a new modern studio, centrally located to serve you better. A studio so you do not have to worry about weather. A place for us to meet – in private. As many people would rather not deal with “prepping their home for company”. Nor do they want to meet in a coffee shop with strangers all around. But I create your portraits anywhere  – and I mean anywhere! I usually meet with my clients ahead of their session to talk about their family. To get to know more about you. This enables me to tell your story with every portrait.
In following up on last weeks blog post my special offer has been extended. Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity to have your family portrait created at a great savings! Call 902-895-1884 or visit the studio in person at 40 Inglis Place.

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